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Photography by Hoag Levins

Clothes pin bat Pumpkin
CAMDEN, N.J. (Oct. 29, 2001) -- The Camden County Historical Society Fall Festival included a variety of activities for children. In an educational crafts room, youngsters were provided glue and all the parts needed to make a clothes pin bat (above, left), and they could also decorate their own pumpkin (above, right).

Dough Pan
In the open-hearth kitchen of the Historical Society's 18th-century mansion, Pomona Hall, children punched out the holes in donut dough (above, left), then watched as the cook's assistant fried the donut in a skillet of hot oil over glowing embers (above, right). Then the donut was shaken in a paper bag filled with cinammon and sugar before being eaten.
Harleigh 01 Harleigh 02
Two busloads of Fall Festival visitors took the tour of historic Harleigh Cemetery. Here, some inspect the ornate mausoleum of the Sumner family (above, left) and a bronze grave cover of Camden Civil War General William J. Sewell (above, right), who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor and organized the New Jersey National Guard.

SJGR01 sjgr02
In the Historical Society's Boyer auditorium, South Jersey Ghost Research co-director Dave Juliano (above, left) displayed photos (above, right) showing smoke-like "ectoplasm." The group believes ectoplasm is a residue left by spirits as they move around the spaces they haunt.

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