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Marriage Gowns From 1840 to 1991

Photography by Hoag Levins ...| ...June 8, 2003

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CAMDEN, N.J. -- Sponsored by the Mary Cooper Gardeners, the May 28 to June 4 antique wedding garments exhibit in the Boyer Auditorium of the Camden County Historical Society featured 150 years of matrimonial garb. The show was one part of a larger Historic Wedding Tea event. Also see larger photo

Wedding exhibit Wedding exhibit
Laid out as a museum gallery with an air of Victorian elegance, the displays were rich in curiosities like the 1883 dark chocolate brown mourning-and-wedding gown (above, left) thought to have been worn by a widow who was remarrying within a year after the death of her first husband. In the foreground, above right, is a 1947 silk organza gown that ends in a frothy double-ruffled train. Also see larger photo

Wedding exhibit Wedding exhibit
Leg-of-mutton sleeves puffed at the shoulder (above, left) were the in-thing in 1890s wedding wear. Almost as jewel-like as its tiara is this 1943 creation (above, right) from the World War II years. Also see larger photo

Wedding exhibit Wedding exhibit
Worn by a Quaker bride in her 1901 wedding at Newton Friends Meeting in Camden, this cream-colored satin gown (above, left) has pinstripes of lace. Six pairs of vintage wedding shoes (above, right) were also on display. Also see larger photo

Wedding exhibit Wedding exhibit
Designed for a winter wedding, this 19th-century heavy silk gown is similar in weight to a coat, features a collar of extremely heavy lace. Also see larger photo

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