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A Presentation by Jane Peters Estes

Photography by Hoag Levins ...| ...June 8, 2003

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Weddings talk
CAMDEN, N.J. -- The Historic Wedding Tea & Exhibit included a one-hour presentation on the history of matrimonal customs and garments by historian Jane Peters Estes, who spoke to a Boyer Auditorium audience surrounded by parts of the exhibit's gowns and related items.

Wedding exhibit Wedding exhibit
Greeting visitors to the exhibit was the black beaver top hat worn by Alexander Cooper Wood to his wedding in 1866 (above, left) and a wedding nosegay of fresh herbs and flowers created by Lorraine Kiefer of Triple Oaks Nursery in Franklinville, N.J. Above, right, tea attendees browse the gown exhibit guided by descriptive inventory sheets.

Wedding exhibit Wedding exhibit
Some of the gowns, (above, left) were accompanied by photos from the wedding ceremony. This one was from the 1947 wedding of Beatrice Rita Liuzzo to Theodore Anthony Galinski.

Wedding exhibit Wedding exhibit
Lace detail from the most recent item in the display -- the 1991 gown of Denise Fox, the Historical Society's conservator (above, left). Nearby, wedding shoes in styles stretching back over a century.

Wedding exhibit Wedding exhibit
Above, left, is the 1969 wedding gown of Sandy Levins, Historical Society trustee, programming director and director of the Mary Cooper Gardeners. The gown was from Seventh Heaven Gowns in Glendora, a Camden County landmark that was destroyed by fire in the 1980s. Above, right, center, is the 1973 wedding gown of Janet Ganther, a member of the Mary Cooper Gardeners.

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