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Celebration in an 18th-Century Mansion
Assembling and Arranging the Greens
Photography by Hoag Levins

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CAMDEN, N.J. (Nov. 26, 2001) -- The Mary Cooper Gardeners turned the central corridor of the Camden County Historical Society headquarters complex into a staging area for the Pomona Hall Christmas decoration project. Here, Gilbert Fountaine (above, left) creates one of several arrangements for the mansion's main entranceway. Sandy Levins (above, right) works holly, laurel, bayberry and various kinds of evergreens into a wooden bucket.

In Pomona Hall's parlor, Susan McNaughton and Janet Ganther (above, left) create the mantlepiece arrangement that is the largest of the mansion's decorations. It was finished with a central flouish of holly, cypress greens and apples.

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To provide the scent of Christmas throughout the mansion, Mary Cooper Gardeners constructed pomanders, studding oranges and lemons with hundreds of cloves (above, left) and coating the finished items with a tradional aromatic curing mix. Here, one is disguised as a holiday dessert for the tea table.
Fruit, which was a rare delight of color and taste in 18th-century life, played an important part in decorating strategies at a mansion that once boasted acres of orchards. Here, Richard Pillatt builds the apple cone centerpiece for the dining room table (above, left). Meanwhile, Patrick Matlack and Chris Lacefield hoist a festive doorway header into position (above, right).

Chris Lacefield drapes the main stairway in fresh white pine rope garland (above, left). On the floor of the kitchen, his mother, Karen Lacefield and sister, Tammy Lacefield, work tangled bittersweet vines into wreaths.

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