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Memorial Event at Philadelphia's Academy of Natural Sciences

Photography by Hoag Levins ...| ...Nov. 7, 2002

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James Baker Ted Daeschler
PHILADELPHIA (Nov. 7, 2002) -- At yesterday's Edward Drinker Cope memorial event at the Academy of Natural Sciences, Academy president Dr. James Baker (above, left) welcomed the audience to Dinosaur Hall. Master of ceremonies and assistant curator Dr. Ted Daeschler mans the podium (above, right) with the two-story-high skeleton of Corythosaurus casuarius. looming overhead.
Unveiling Rober Sullivan
Janet S. Klein, chairman of the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, and Dr. Robert Sullivan, senior curator of the State Museum of Pennslvania, unveil the Cope memorial marker (above, left). Dr. Sullivan, above right, provided the ceremony's closing remarks.
Front row Dryptosaurus
In the front row are (above left, left to right) Dr. William Gallagher, registrar of natural history at the New Jersey State Museum in Trenton; Dr. Spencer G. Lucas, curator of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History; and F. Michael O'Neill, senior paleontologist at the U.S. Bureau of Land Management in Washington. Above, right, Academy paleontologist Ned Gilmore displays the slashing claw of Dryptosaurus aquilunguis, the meat-eating dinosaur discovered by Edward Cope in a southern New Jersey marl pit in 1866.
Cope case Cope snakes
A case displaying photos, notes, sample specimens and scientific awards of Edward Cope (above, left) is a central exhibit in the Academy's Dinosaur Hall. Cope's preserved specimens also form the core of the Academy's Herpetology collections. Above, right, is a jar of snakes collected and described by Cope in the 1860s

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