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Musical Trio Spotlight Jazz Reception

Photography by Hoag Levins ...| ...Feb. 16, 2003

Jazz Eternity
CAMDEN, N.J. -- Jazz Eternity performed at the jazz reception for the opening of the Beverly Collins-Roberts photography exhibit at the Camden County Historical Society yesterday. The trio consists of Ryan Bates (sax), LaVon Tatem (drums) and Bruce Alfred (keyboard). Hear Jazz Eternity: Brief audio #1 | Brief audio #2. (RealPlayer Required)

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The trio has been together since 1987 and plays banquets, weddings, receptions and other corporate and institutional events around the area. All three musicians work for the City of Camden: Bates is educational program specialist for the fine arts for the Camden City School District; Tatem is a plant services inspector with the Board of Education; and Alfred is with the Camden Public Works Department.
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