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A Photo Feature of Indian King Tavern Ceremony

Photography by Hoag Levins ...| ...June 14, 2003

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1777 meeting
HADDONFIELD, N.J. -- Bringing history to life at the Indian King Tavern Museum, reenactors restaged the 1777 meeting that changed the status of New Jersey from a colony of the British crown to an independent state. The event was the centerpiece of the celebration marking the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the New Jersey Historic Sites program. Also see larger photo

Tricorn hats John Reisner
One of the speakers on the steps of the Indian King was Borough Commissioner John H. Reisner (above, right), whose great grandfather, James Lane Pennypacker, was a member of the commission appointed to oversee the management of the Tavern after it became the State's first historic site in 1903. Reisner addressed a crowd heavily laced with costumed reenactors who were part of the day's events. Also see larger photo

Tent Mayor and VIPs
A tent in the rear yard of the Indian King Tavern (above, left) served as the hospitality center. Inside, dignitaries cut the official New Jersey Historic Sites Centennial cake. From left to right: Alvin J. Payne, acting director, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Parks and Forestry; Giles Wright of the New Jersey Historical Commission; Tish Colombi, mayor; and Marc A. Matsil, assistant commissioner, New Jersey DEP, Natural & Historic Resources. Also see larger photo

John Mills Musician
John Mills, Curator of Princeton Battlefield State Park (red-trimmed coat), portraying an infantry sergeant, talks with other reenactors who came in from around the state to give the day's activities an authentic feel. Linda Russell, a New York City musician who specializes in traditional 18th-century music, played a guitar, a mountain dulcimer and a penny whistle throughout the day. Also see larger photo

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