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Photography by Hoag Levins ... | ...February, 2008

CAMDEN, N.J. -- Camden County Historical Society board vice president and programming director Sandy Levins (above, left) welcomes visitors to the "Lullaby For Dreamland" photo exhibit and jazz concert. Above, right, surrounded by photos of the Lawnside music clubs in which they once played, are saxophonists Bootsie Barnes and Sam Reed. In the rear is drummer Craig McGyver.

The "Lullaby For Dreamland" exhibit festooned the Boyer Auditorium spaces with photos from the heyday of Lawnside's now-vanished music clubs. The event was a cooperative effort of the Camden County Historical Society, the Lawnside Historical Society and the Camden County Cultural and Heritage Commission

Along with music by the Bootsie Barnes Quintet, the evening's entertainment also included a performance by tap dancer Briane Ali (above, left). She teaches dance at the Atrium Dance Studio in Pennsauken and at Sound & Movement in Philadelphia. Above, right, are members of the audience in their finery.

An exhibit within the larger "Lullaby for Dreamland" exhibit was a special collection of Lawnside Historical Society photos (above, left) prepared by Society photographer Raymond L. Fussell. The gallery of photos, which spotlights more than a century of Lawnside personalities and places, drew crowds throughout the evening (above, right).

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