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By Hoag Levins ...| ...October 14, 2001

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As restoration work began (above, left *), the historic Peter Mott House Underground Railroad site was near collapse. Viewed from the other end (above, right) as the ten-year restoration project ended, the structure was restored as a public musuem and a new African-American tourism an educational site in South Jersey. * Photo: Lawnside Historical Society.

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Among other things, Peter Mott was a 19th-century plasterer whose hand-built lath-and-plaster walls (above, left *) were carefully retained during restoration. In the museum, an opening has been left (above, right) to display Mott's craftsmanship. * Photo: Lawnside Historical Society.
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Inside, the details of the Mott House as lived in for generations have been perserved. The stair treads are heavily worn (above, left) and the corner cabinet (above, right) is original and gently went out of square as the room itself distorted over the years.

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Linda Waller gives a tour of the restored cellar, accessible by a ladder (above, left). In another room, Jacqueline Wiggins, administrator of the Johnson House Underground Railroad site in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, holds classes for new docents who lead tours at the Mott House and Museum of African-American history.

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