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Photography by Hoag Levins ...| ...Nov. 20, 2005

Floral arrangements were designed by the Historical Society's Mary Cooper Gardeners. As night fell, the evening's guests could gaze out the window walls at the twinkle of Philadephia's skyline beyond the eastern edge of the county.

One of the auctioned items that drew high interest (above, left) was a tin Victorian umbrella stand shaped and painted like a dog standing on a pillow. Historical Society vice president Patrick Matlack (above, right), served as the evening's master of ceremonies.
Another attention getter (above, left) that went for a good price was the oil painting "An Ancient Apparation" by American illustrator James C. McKell. It was used to illustrate an article in the 1928 issue of 'Country Gentleman magazine.' A copy of that magazine was also included. Also up for auction (above, right) were a collection of Red Cross posters from the World War I era.

Overseeing the auction was Dick Houck, head auctioneer of Audubon Auctioneers (above, left). More than four dozen items, from antique chairs and a 19th-century spinning wheel to a mink coat and rare nautical paintings were sold to the highest bidders to benefit the Historical Society.

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